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After having evacuated prior to Hurricane Irma making landfall, we came back to our business to find that, although power to the building had been restored, the AC was not working. Even though we had a few individuals, as well as companies, come by to assess the issue, we either never heard back or never received a formal quote, or we were told that they couldn't handle the job. The job in question was to replace a 15-ton condenser unit on the roof of the business. It appears that it sustained some kind of damage or trauma, and was beyond repair. It needed to be completely replaced.

Enter Flow-Tech. Within an hour of me sending an e-mail to someone at the company, accompanied by photos and a description of the problem, I received a call from Mario, the owner. A few hours later Mario was at our store, and shortly after his site visit he had sent through a quote. When I asked what the turnaround time would be once we gave him the green light, he told me that it could be done within a couple of days. What a relief to hear considering that we are a retail music business and one facet of the business is music lessons. While the AC was out, the temperature in the store was in the mid to high 90s -- an untenable situation for employees, customers, and students alike.

Punctuality and professionalism marked this project from step one through to completion. They even started the work one day before the date they had originally given us. It was absolutely incredible that with the amount of backlog of AC issues in Miami after hurricane Irma, that Flow-Tech was able to get the job started within 24 hours, and within 48 hours our AC was back to work.

The hardest part of our project was getting the old condenser unit off the roof and the new unit up onto the roof. Flow-Tech was on site the morning after we had signed the paperwork (one day earlier than what was promised) with a crew of around a half dozen people and a crane. Mario stopped by a couple of times throughout the day to oversee the project personally. The crew expertly handled the whole process from start to finish.

In addition, Flow-Tech's quote was between $10-15K less than what others had verbally quoted after inspecting the damage. Flow-Tech was able to make a modification to our existing air handler via installation of a new expansion valve, so that it would be compatible with and function with the new condenser unit, thereby saving us tens of thousands of dollars in the process. We are 10 days in to the new AC system, and it's working perfectly.

Mario is extremely thorough and extremely knowledgeable, and aside from his professionalism and lightning-quick responsiveness, you're also getting an honest assessment of your needs, with options carefully explained to you, and work that is done at an extremely reasonable fee considering the quality of the work being done.

Phil B.

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I am a retired State of Florida Certified General Contractor as well as a retired Miami-Dade Electrical Contractor. I have used many air-conditioning subcontractors in the past but none have compared to the quality, efficiency and courtesy of Flow-Tech Air-Conditioning. They replaced one of 2 split systems that handled the 2nd floor my home effortlessly. It was a 3 ton Trane system that was about 17 years old. The workmanship was that of extremely skilled mechanics who were fast and made no mess at all while attending to every detail. I was not surprised when the mechanical inspector came to make a final inspection and commented about how clean and professional the replacement was.

I told the building department in Miami Springs as well as my neighbors about Flow-Tech. When the other split system reaches its retirement, I'll know exactly where to go for its replacement. By the way, they were not the cheapest but their price was right in line with the 3 other quotes I received.

Thank you Flow-Tech for your outstanding job.

Al M.